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Stand out from your competitors and look after your image with print! Choose an attractive and effective visual identity.

The print communication: efficient and timeless!

The communication is now mainly via the web, communication by the print always remains effective and offers interesting results. It can not be ignored, it offers you local or regional visibility, while spreading a positive and positive image of your company. Stand out with a stylish and exclusive business card! Want a commercial brochure that attracts attention and does not leave indifferent? Put all the chances on your side by entrusting us the design and printing of your paper supports. All our print designs are 100% unique, from the simple business card to the multi-page brochure.


Strengthen your brand image and brand awareness with a complete visual identity, restore your logo on all your communication media. We accompany you in the creation or redesign of your visual identity, from the first brief to the writing of your graphic charter. We also realize all services in computer graphics

Our Graphic Design Service


Logo Design

So you have this crazy idea or sketch of a logo you want to have created for your business. Or perhaps you have no idea what you want at all. We can help bring clarity and direction for your logo design as well as your overall branding. The process can almost seem frustrating at times for all parties involved because your logo, is by far the most important part of what we do for you.

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Bussiness Card

Business cards are a representation of the most important data of a company, a person or business, on a 5.00 x 9.00cm card.
In this same it is tried to get the attention of the person to which it is directed is an economic form and that the people can easily conserve if the card has the necessary information of a brief way and with colors that call the attention.

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We love being involved in the design for your flyer right from the start. We strive to give our customers exactly what’s needed to drive more custom to them. If you want to see new custom coming through your door, make sure to get in contact with us today.

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Do you want to give you all the possible information about your company, service, product or project?
The threefold is essential for you.
The threefold presents a cover letter of your company formed on a letter-size sheet cut in three parts.

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They are designed vertically, and is a vehicle to your most prominent information as an introduction or description of what you want to communicate. The most common uses we see for banners are sports teams, special events, local city events and contests. Whether you need a 3 x 5 banner or a 10 x 40 banner, we can design and print it for you. We can also handle printing and delivery.

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If you want to give a promotional option to your customers, the folder is the primary option to include corporate material.
This is your presentation for a potential client or an employer. This is a particularly useful printed piece if you are trying to sell a particular product to retailers or other types of outlets.

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We have found that some businesses still need letterhead for various reasons, although most do not use letterhead anymore.
Perhaps you need it for legal reasons or maybe to send out special notes to customers? We would be happy to design your letterhead for you.

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Poster design for political candidates, special events, concerts, theaters, plays, musicals, recognitions, announcements, lost & found and more.
We offer a wide range of poster sizes, printing and designs to suit your poster needs. Each and every project we design, we take very personally.

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For those who still produce and enjoy reading a tangible item that you can touch and feel, this is for you. The anti “i” device design medium. We can design your magazine including complete layout, content assistance, branding and even consult with you on your marketing for your magazine!

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The PDI Club brings people and companies together to grow and network their services with a broad diversity of skills and expertise to help our members enhance their dreams.

You and your business can be part of a large database of national and international people and business owners that enjoy the benefits of being a member.


As a member you will enjoy a variety of benefits depending on your Membership Plan. You can chose from individual, family or business membership and take advantage of all the rewards.

  • Bilingual Personnel
  • Hospitals Associations /Laboratory services /Pharmacy
  • General physician /Nutritionist /Trainers
  • General Surgery /Dental services /Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
  • Bariatric surgery /Orthopedic Surgery
  • Advertising, Marketing and web/graphic design
  • Partnership program /Financing /Investing structures /Crowfunding
  • Real-estate rent /buy /sale /manage /Development

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