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Web Development


Do you need to be on the Internet? We are here for you, the web is our passion! From the showcase site to the e-commerce site, we bring you a tailor-made solution tailored to each website creation project.

Because your visibility on the internet is important for you, entrust us your project! Experts of the creation of website, we help you to build your privileged support to communicate on your activity and to reach a targeted public.

Why our web agency for the creation of your website?

By choosing the web agency Anthedesign, you benefit from a global approach to your web project.

We master all the skills to ensure the success of your project:

  • The technical and functional design
  • The realization with an impeccable finish
  • The accommodation
  • The SEO
  • The promotion and operation of your website

Differentiating, being unique, original and professional, all these motivations force us to think about the design or the redesign of your website otherwise. We design your website by studying with you your objectives, your targets and the opportunities it will have to be able to generate.

We accompany you in all stages of creation: from the drafting of the specifications to the promotion of your website, including accommodation. We will be force of proposals and always at your side.

What website for your project?

Our role is to accompany you to make the best choices! The creation of a website requires a study of your project to translate it in the form of a specification.

It is necessary to help in decision-making as to the choice of the appropriate website for your presence on the web. Each type of site has different features and functionalities:

  • The showcase site, an information role highlighting the image of your company, by presenting your activity, your products, your services.
  • The institutional website, presentation of the organization and the company's values, description of the activity, transmission of key figures and necessary information to the target audience.
  • The e-commerce site allows you to directly sell your products to Internet users who pay directly online.
  • The intranet site, private and internal site to share professional information only to authorized persons.
  • The Blog, more open than the showcase site; Visitors can leave comments.
  • The community site, it allows Internet users to meet around a common interest, sharing information.

Our Web Design Service

We put to your position our most detailed services that fit in the Design and Development environment for you:


Increase traffic to your site with effective web content management! Your website is your showcase, updating it with a Cms is paramount to attract new visitors.

What is the WordPress CMS?

The CMS WordPress is a web content management system. It is a software application dedicated to the creation of Internet site allowing to separate the contents of the formatting. It provides simplified means of editing and modifying this content by connecting to an administrative console.

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Why we use the WordPress CMS?

We realize all our sites using CMS (WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, Drupal, ...). CMS makes it easy to update all the pages of your website. You can easily modify your text content, add images and create new pages on your website.

A CMS does not require any knowledge in web development to update your website. After a few hours of training you will be able to:

  • Connect to the administration console of your site
  • Modify the text content of a page or article
  • Modify an image and add
  • To insert all types of media on your website
  • Add a page or article
  • Publishing password-protected articles
  • Manage the comments left on your site
  • To update your CMS
  • Administer all users and their attributes.
  • The use of a CMS is the most relevant and effective solution to make your website live independently. The other advantage of the CMS is to reduce the costs of developing and updating complex sites.



The term "electronic commerce" (or electronic commerce) refers to the use of an electronic medium to carry out commercial activities. Most of the time this involves the sale of products through the internet network, but the term e-commerce also encompasses the mechanisms of Internet purchase (for B-To-B).

The customer making purchases on the Internet is called cyberconsumer. E-commerce is not limited to online sales alone, but also encompasses:

  • Realization of quotes online
  • Advice to users
  • The provision of an electronic catalog
  • A point-of-sale access plan
  • Real-time product availability management (inventory)
  • Online payment
  • Delivery tracking
  • Customer service

In some cases, e-commerce allows a high degree of personalization of products, especially if the e-commerce site is coupled with the company's production system (eg business cards, personalized items such as t-shirts, cups , Caps, etc.).

Finally, for electronic services and products (MP3 files, software, electronic books, etc.), electronic commerce makes it possible to dispose of its purchase in a very short time or even instantaneous time.

Online shops

Most ecommerce sites are online stores with at least the following elements at the front-office level:

  • An on-line electronic catalog, showing all the products available for sale, their price and sometimes their availability (product in stock or number of days before delivery).
  • A search engine allowing to easily find a product using search criteria (brand, price range, key word, ...)
  • A virtual caddy system (sometimes called a virtual shopping cart): this is the heart of the e-commerce system. The virtual shopping cart keeps track of customer purchases throughout its journey and changes the quantities for each reference
  • Secure online payment (accounting) is often provided by a trusted third party (a bank) via a secure transaction
  • An order tracking system to track the order processing process and sometimes to obtain information about the carrier's handling of the package.
  • A front-office back office system allows online merchants to organize their online offer, change prices, add or remove product references, and administer and manage customer orders.

Organic Positioning (SEO)

Competition is raging on the Internet, an effective web referencing is essential for the success of your website. If your site does not stand out prominently on search engines, it's because it has not achieved its goal.

Web SEO brings together a set of techniques to make your website appear in the results of the search engines. SEO by optimizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your site allows to gain visibility with for benefit an increase of its attendance. A good SEO on Google is essential.

Practices for sustainable web referencing

We are building your visibility for tomorrow! We think SEO and SEO optimization from the very first stages of creating or redesigning your website. The quality of the web referencing will be the result of the importance attached to the structure of the website, the richness of its text and media content, the choice of the right keywords, the optimization of its pages and the quality of its Inbound links.

We combine for you the best of SEO techniques coupled with web-marketing actions to make you visible to internet users durably and retain them.

Natural referencing remains effective throughout the lifetime of your website. The only requirement to keep a good SEO web is to regularly communicate on your site and update it.

For existing sites, we begin with an audit of its SEO. From this audit, we will be able to propose you an accompaniment in your strategy of SEO web. For example, we help you to choose the right keywords on which we will work your local or national positioning.

The content of your website is also a determining factor for its indexing and positioning, we propose to optimize the text content of your website. We apply the recommendations of Google (more than 94% of searches on the web in France) in terms of web referencing, namely:

  • A perfectly structured, coded and optimized site
  • Optimized and relevant content management
  • A regular and planned publication strategy
  • A quality netlinking
  • A good synergy between the website and the social networks.




  • Investment Opportunities.
  • Discounts.
  • Free Services.
  • Advertising for company members.

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